Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New DCU from Koto for the Holidays

Kotobukiya's awesome ArtFX+ and Bishoujo lines continue with some of the DCU's heaviest hitters. Oh, and there are some nifty little blocky Justice Leaguers too-

ArtFX+ is one of my favorite statue lines and I'm pretty happy to see it expanding to the DC Comics Universe. The first two releases (due in January 2013) are Superman and Green Lantern. Both heroes are highly detailed, 7.5" tall, 1/10 scale pieces and have magnetic bases that they can easily be displayed on or off of. 

Clark Kent is the last surviving son of planet Krypton, sent to Earth to avoid its destruction.  The combination of his ancestry and our planet’s yellow sun has given him incredible powers which he uses to defend humanity against its greatest threats.  Superman stands in a classic heroic pose, his feet spread apart and his fists held tensely at his sides.  The intense look on his face captures the Kryptonian’s focus and drive, while his intricately sculpted muscles show you that he has the power to back it up.  Superman’s resplendent red and blue New 52 costume is accurate down to the last detail with its iconic red on yellow “S” emblem, textured suit, technological belt and boots, and of course his long cape.

Following Superman’s lead, Green Lantern stands in a heroic pose that’s perfect for a lineup of Earth’s most powerful protectors.  The cocky Justice Leaguer stands with his feet apart and arms at his sides, with his right fist raised and ready to unleash his ring’s energy.  Kotobukiya’s excellent craftsmanship can be seen in the intricate details of Green Lantern’s ring-generated New 52-style suit including the shoulder pad-like armor and of course the logo on his chest.  Jordan’s green mask is perfect, as is his wind-blown brown hair.

Both The Man of Steel and Sector 2814's Lantern were sculpted by master artist Atelier Bamboo and will arrive in January for $39.99 USD each. That's a pretty great price for something like this to be honest- they both look to be really terrific additions to any comic fans collection.

As sexy as she is dangerous, Huntress perches on a rooftop decoration to survey the busy city below her.  With one leg raised up Helena leans forward slightly, holding her trusty staff with both hands.  The martial artist’s sleek black and purple costume leaves little to the imagination, further enhancing her sexiness.  While much of her body is exposed, Huntress’ outfit has incredible sculpted details like the pattern on her boots, the pouches and compartments on her belt, and her great cape billowing in the wind.  Of course, no Bishoujo statue would be complete without a beautifully expressive face and equally dynamic flowing hair.

Huntress' Bishoujo debut was sculpted from a Shunya Yamashita drawing by Masahiro Takashi and hits shelves just in time for the Holidays. She'll retail for $64.99 USD.

And finally, here's a set of kooky little guys straight from a special agreement between DC Comics and Zarigani Works.
A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Kotobukiya proudly presents a collaboration between DC Comics and Zarigani Works by way of a brand new series of JUSTICE LEAGUE X KOREJANAI MINI FIGURES! Based on the popular “Korejanai Robot” (“not that Robot!”) style of illustrations, these new stylized mini figures are a unique twist on superhero collectibles.  Each figure has poseable arms and even doubles as a vehicle when rolled on the wheels in its back!  The Justice League includes:
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Each brightly colored figure stands approximately 2 ½ inches tall and comes with a unique trading card.  Collect the full set of 10: 5 normal figures and 5 metallic versions of the core Justice League members
The series arrives for purchase this November for only $5.99 each.