Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mad Catz readies its Warhead

Peripheral maker Mad Catz is getting ready to release one of the most advanced wireless headsets to hit the Xbox 360 market yet- one that has 7.1 audio... and truly wireless chat.

The Tritton Warhead 7.1 is the name to remember here- its trick (and the hook that no other phones on the market today have) is that this headset actually has a Microsoft security chip built in. That means that the unit can talk directly to the 360 without having an annoying dongle running interference between it and your controller. So no wires- none,nada, zip, zero.

I personally use a pair of 5.1 phones (that I've had for a while) that have a cable that connects them to my controller in order to chat during multiplayer. It's aggravating. Needless to say, Warhead 7.1 is an extremely tempting purchase.

The headset is shipping 'soon', so no firm street date yet. No price tag either; but depending on how much you play online, whatever the price is, Warhead 7.1 might be well worth it.