Saturday, July 7, 2012

SDCC: The Walking Dead Compendium

The Walking Dead Compendium Will be at the San Diego Comic Con. If you're a fan of the books of TV show, then you probably know how awesome that news is.

If you don't, and you're scratching your head at this little bit of news, here's the deal- There are only 1000 copies of this book. Period. Dats it.

100 of those copies were sold in a flash at the Emerald City Con (in Seattle) back in March. The book is a beautifully made, hardcover, collection of the first 48 issues of the award winning (not to mention uber-popular) post-zompocalyptic comic book. If you're a fan, then this bad boy is a very tempting prize indeed.

The book retails for $100 USD and will be available at the Image Comics/Skybound booth, #2729. Here's the catch though- every morning (and on Preview Night) there'll be a lottery at the booth. Show-goers will draw tickets and some of those tickets will be 'winners'. Basically, what you win is the right to buy one of these books. Yeah, it's that rare.

In fact, the amount on hand for the entirety of the SDCC is limited to the remaining 900 copies that didn't ship to Emerald City. Should you miss out (which will  presumably be pretty easy to do) you're not totally out of luck. The softcover edition of the Compendium will be on the shelves of booth 2729 all show long. That version goes for $59.99

It's the same book and folks looking to simply get into the series and see what all the fuss is about should definitely think about getting themselves a copy. For the hardcore though? Well... good luck!

Also of note today- USA Today broke news that a second Compendium is on the way from Image. This followup collects issues 49-96 (which would pretty much get you up to speed as the highly anticipated 100th issue is about to ship to comic shops). No release date as of yet on that one.