Monday, May 14, 2012

That's one Sassy Dog

Stuffed Animal maker Douglas has another round of their sassy little stuffed animals all set to go wherever cuddling is needed.

There have already been five of the diminutive pupsters released, but the newest series delivers some fashion that's more on the wild side.
The newest Sassy Dogs™ are not your run of the mill kennel mutts. Quite the contrary, like the original five that came before them, these top breed pups are accessorized to the nines, but this time in zebra and leopard print with a touch of faux patent leather accents or luxurious faux fur. There are four new Sassy Dogs™ in the latest lineup. They include Gwen the black and white Shih Tzu, Adele the cream Shih Tzu, Dana the Pug and Mallory the Bichon.  Each is wearing a sassy animal print dress accented with a touch of bright pink or powder blue.
Each 8" Sassy Dog will be released at a very reasonable $10 price point and should be shipping to specialty gift and toy stores right now.  

Edit: The little guys won't actually be available until the Fall at retail.  Expect them in September!