Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dunecraft unleashes talking beans

Well, okay, they don't really talk. But these beans do have something to say.

As crazy as it sounds, each bean is laser engraved with a message. When the little guy grows up all big and strong (and they're guaranteed to do so in about a week's time), that note is displayed for all the world to see on it's leaves.
As People Magazine proclaims, “DuneCraft’s Message Beans are a great little gift and a lesson in botany all rolled up in one. Open the paper cup planter, assemble the terrarium, plant the lima bean seeds, water and watch with amazement as the lima beans sprout and reveal their "I Love You" message. You can actually eat the beans too (just don’t tell your kid it’s a lima bean).”
While eating the bean sounds a tad on the 'no' side to me ("I love you!" *chomp*), these plants are all kinds of awesome and are available for a bunch of different occasions too. Each one will run you $4.99 USD and seems like it'd be well worth it. Have a look at Dunecraft's site for more info or to get one for yourself.