Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mega Man Universe Canned

Capcom has officially canceled the oddball Mega Man Universe title that was in development for the PSN and Xbox LIVE. If you're not familiar, MMU was a never all that well defined kind of do-it-yourself project that featured re-mastered levels from Mega Man 2, a bunch of playable Mega Men (including the awful 'movie poster' type one from the first game's box), and even a 'create your own hero' toolbox.

It's an odd cancellation since it's such a big name franchise, but probably one that should have been expected. Capcom put a lot into the hype into the announcement of the game- but then once it actually was announced, everything just kind of... stopped. It's never all that good when you stop hearing so much as a peep about a game and here's the case in point.

Old MMU just slipped silently into the night...