Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homefront is the Most Preordered Game Ever for THQ

Eurogamer is reporting that publisher THQ's upcoming shooter, Homefront, is it's most preordered game ever- besting the likes of Saint's Row and the WWE series. Homefront depicts a future United States that, weakened by interior failings, has been occupied by an expansionist North Korea. The player is set with the task of starting a new revolution.

Aside from some good word of mouth and a few preorder/pickup promotions, there isn't really any explanation for the outstanding prerelease interest. But developer Kaos most likely doesn't care as THQ has stated that they'll judge both the New York based studio and it's title's prospective merits, as well as any possibility of a series, based solely on it's commercial reception and ability to move units.

So far so good.