Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Sees Massive Delays in Product Launches

The Japanese people have way more on their plate right now than worrying about whether or not to go get the newest iPad, and Apple is just the latest on a list of companies to put off their product launches in respect to the country wide crisis' that still rage more than a week after the quake that started it all.

Apple has officially announced that the iPad 2, due to launch on March 25th in non-US territories, will be held back for a future (as yet unannounced) date. It's a common sense move that needed to be made- and they're not alone.

Just last week Sony announced that their post-apocalyptic racer, Motorstorm Apocalypse, will miss it's launch date alongside another PS3 exclusive- the zombie themed Yakusa of the End. A few DS and 3DS titles have been temporarily shelved as well, as has the newest (fourth) release in the popular Disaster Report series. That title would have placed the player in the middle of an earthquake ravaged city- as it stands now, the game has been permanently canceled and will never see a Japanese release.

That's just a minuscule sample of how life is being put on hold in Japan. It's a country that's perhaps best known for cutting edge tech and videogames, but now deals with the unknown future repercussions of the constantly evolving disaster that they face.