Thursday, April 5, 2012

Madden 13 Tournament Moves on to Round 3

The vote for the cover athlete of the next Madden football title has stumbled, rumbled, and fumbled into the third selection round. NY favorite Victor Cruz? Yeah, he's still salsa dancing his way through the rankings.
After a staggering 16 million plus votes, the 2013 edition of the Madden vote already has blown last year's version away. Here's how thing's are shaping up.


§  Cam Newton vs. Larry Fitzgerald
§  Patrick Willis vs. Victor Cruz
§  Aaron Rodgers vs. Ray Rice
§  Calvin Johnson vs. Rob Gronkowski

Second round voting highlights include:

§  Upset of the Week
§      No. 6 seed Calvin Johnson (WR, Detroit Lions) over No. 3 seed Arian Foster (RB, Houston Texans)

§  Largest Voting Differential
§      No. 1 seed Cam Newton (QB, Carolina Panthers) over No. 8 seed Antonio Gates (WR, San Diego Chargers)
§      No. 2 seed Rob Gronkowski (TE, New England Patriots) over No. 7 seed Jared Allen (DE, Minnesota Vikings)
§  Closest Matchups
§      No. 5 seed Ray Rice (RB, Baltimore Ravens) over No. 4 seed Drew Brees (QB, New Orleans Saints)
§      No. 4 seed Larry Fitzgerald over No. 5 seed LeSean McCoy

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