Friday, April 6, 2012

Dark Horse Announces The Art of Portal 2

One of the most highly lauded game series in recent years gets a full blown art book packed with never before seen art and commentary from the designers. Must have? Yeah, I'd say so.

It's honestly kind of shocking that it took this long for Portal to get an art book of some kind- but it just might be worth the wait.

Valve and Dark Horse pull back the curtain to give you a backstage tour of one of the most innovative video games of the decade! The Art of Portal 2 walks you through the visual evolution of the award-winning game, from concept to completion, with never-before-seen concept art and insights from the writers and artists behind the Portal series.
Stunning fact: 4 million plus copies of Valve's Portal 2 have been sold since the game launched. Pretty nutty for a title that has almost no violence, is loaded with humor, and is basically a puzzle game at heart. Cool stuff.

The 182 page 'The Art of Portal 2' will be available in shops this Halloween (October 31st) No pricing yet, but we'll keep you updated.