Wednesday, April 4, 2012

EA Sports Brings the Sights and Sounds of College Gameday

NCAA '13 time is just around the corner for pre-pro pigskin fans and EA has just released a series of 'playbooks' to get you all prepped for gameday.

Playbook #1 is the featured NCAA Football 13 info set for the week. Read on through to school yourself on the sights and sounds of the upcoming title.
With new trophy presentations, motion blur rendering, progressive lighting and an expanded broadcast presentation, NCAA Football 13 brings a defined sense of realism to light up game days. Pre-game traditions feature several new schools, including:
Purdue Boilermaker run-out
Military parachutists for Army, Navy and Air Force
Oklahoma State Paddle Fans
Texas Cheerleaders
USC Song Girls
The NCAA Football 13 audio team sent audio directors and designers to more than 20 schools across the nation to capture the energy of game days, recording new crowd chants and stadium buzz. Commentary has been improved with genuine dialogue and unscripted banter between Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, following a new recording process that blurs the line between virtual football commentary and true broadcast presentation.
It's hard to believe that another double header of Football games (NCAA and Madden) isn't all that far off. Might want to get your 'sick day' excuses ready now.

Want to see the whole series? Make with the clicking.