Friday, February 11, 2011

Nintendo Adds New Rewards to the Club

Two brand new reward items have been added to the Club Nintendo reward system today:
  • The Game & Watch: Ball replica is modeled after the original version first launched by Nintendo in 1980. The game itself offers classic portable gaming fun, challenging players to toss and catch a series of balls without allowing them to drop. Club Nintendo members can get their hands on this unique item by redeeming 1,200 Coins.
  • The Nintendo DS carrying pouch is made from a soft, suede-like material and is available in red or blue, each with a reversible gray interior. The pouch also has an adjustable drawstring, a Club Nintendo logo on the gray side and one of several different retro-styled 2D Mario™ character patches on the colored side. Pouches will be available to Club Nintendo members for 250 Coins each.
Oh Mario, you even make a boring pouch sound fun...