Saturday, April 23, 2011

PSN is Down, Unclear When it will Return

Is the hacker group 'Anonymous' responsible for the now two day old shutdown of the Playstation Network? What was, at first, publicly skirted by electronics giant and PSPappa Sony has now all but been officially confirmed- a statement has been issued that the PSN is down due to an "external Intrusion".

So it's an attack then? If you're out of the loop, a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous took offense to Sony's treatment of George 'GeoHot' Hotz (He's the guy that was in a bit of legal trouble with the company for modding consoles- long story short, they settled) and swore a bloody oath of vengeance. Maybe this is it then?

Nothing's been heard about it, but it does look likely. And while Sony patches things up (and tries to keep things as quiet as possible)- we're all without online multiplayer. There's even word that some downloaded titles won't work, even if they have no networked components.

Strange stuff, more as we get it-