Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Smurfs invade Farmville... Kinda.

Have you ever been playing Farmville and thought 'I wish there were a couple of Smurfs in here'? Well sit right back and enjoy friends because your day has arrived.

Capcom has been brewing up an iPhone/iPad game to go along with next summer's Smurfs live action movie and... wait... live acti...

Oh sorry, I had some technical difficulties there for a sec *ahem* The game doesn't really have anything to do with the movie from what I can see. It's pretty standard building, farming, and socializing stuff- just with a Smurfy flair. Nice cartoon look though.

Smurfs will be out next month on the App store for free.

Read on for the full release and some more screens-

In anticipation of next summer’s 3D live-action/animated family comedy The Smurfs, Capcom® Mobile, a leading developer and publisher of video games, today announced that it will be releasing a social network game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch based on the beloved classic franchise, the SmurfsTM. Dubbed Smurfs’ Village, the game tasks players with rebuilding the Smurfs’ village after it has been destroyed by Gargamel. Smurfs’ Village is the first in a series of entertainment projects based on the legendary blue creatures.

"Smurfs’ Village brings the fun and cooperative nature of social games to the charming world of the Smurfs for the first time,” said Midori Yuasa, President and COO, Capcom Interactive, Inc. "Every element in the village is full of detail, and players can take these building blocks, tap into their own creativity, and make something completely unique and wonderful to share with others.”

Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game under the guidance of Papa Smurf, with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more. Fan favorites like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Jokey Smurf will bring unique skills and perks to the village and users will be able to play mini games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game, Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game, and Painter Smurf’s Painting Game and unlock additional bonuses. Players can also share the experience with their friends by linking their account to Facebook.



That Must be Effeminate Smurf's House

Papa Smurf, Taskmaster

Spoiler: Jokey's Gifts Explode