Monday, October 11, 2010

Marvel Games at the NYC Comic Con Wrap-up

I got the chance to play and look at some of the new Marvel games coming soon to a console near you while at the NYCC this weekend- by the way, try not to go on a Saturday. *oof

Captain America

This is probably the one that I'm most looking forward to- I'm a big Cap fan so right off the bat I'm into it. However, if you read my sneak peak look at the game, then you know I'm a wee bit skeptical about it.

So with that in mind- The game looks great for something that's not due until July of next year. There's a lot of detail on everything and Cap himself looks exactly like Cap. Which is a good thing. The combat seemed fast and more gymnastic than I had though it would be, if that makes sense. It seems that SEGA is trying to really emphasize Captain America's athletic ability.

He swings around posts, jumps off walls, summersaults, and back flips into scissor kicks- it actually all looks really cool and fluid and comes off very well.

The iconic shield has some nifty little uses as well. Not simply a blunt instrument, the shield can be used (when a on screen prompt pops up) to deflect bullets back at attackers and take them out. It also can be thrown in the classic style to stun an enemy before returning to the Captain.

Some general things about the game:
  • It is set in 1941- I'm guessing the movie will have the round shield and not the silver age 'badge style' one.
  • Enemies are Nazi troops, but they are part of the secret Hydra division. Little melding of the old and new there.
  • The best way to sum up the setting would be Castle Wolfenstein. The main bulk of the game takes place inside of Hydra's base- a huge Bavarian castle. 
  • While that was definitely the look, there was a real Arkham Asylum feel as well. Same type of thing really- hero trapped inside huge structure, lots of bad guys.
Overall I'm pretty excited about the game, *crosses fingers*


Thor was being shown behind closed doors. Doors that I could not peek into and I did not have the time to wait for them to open.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

MvC looked and played fantastic. I've never been all that great at fighters but enjoy the good one's just the same, this is one of the good one's.

There were two developments at the con- the first is that Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts as well as Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando have made the roster. The second is that Magneto and M.O.D.O.K are in too. The Marvel add-ons weren't really supposed to be announced but... oh well. None of the four were playable on the show floor.

Super Hero Squad

Okay so this is a little different from the others here. A little more colorful, a little more fun and happy- it's for kids is what you're saying right now... well, yes and no because SHS is definitely geared for the younger set- the thing is, if you're a fan of the source material you just might get a kick out of it as well. Think LEGO, because it's as close as you can get without being LEGO licensed.

LEGO without the bricks really. It's bright, colorful, tongue in cheek, and also pretty fun- can't forget that last part. Keeping an eye on it.

Well that's it for the Marvel portion of the show, if there's  anything I missed... sorry? I'll be posting up a bunch of stuff throughout the week, some things you might be aware of and some you may not. /teaser