Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Buy Gaming Arcade Coming Soon

So this is a little bit of a rumor but I hear (from an insider in the company) that there will be a pilot program of  vastly expanded video game demo station 'arcades' coming soon to some stores. This is not the two or three games that they typically have on display now but will instead be "most new releases, excluding 'M' rated games." The idea being 'try before you buy'.

The source also tells me that the gaming sales area will be expanded and will soon dominate up to 3/4 of the 'media' section of Best Buy stores. That means a lot less real estate for movies and music.

This all amounts to BB wanting a bigger piece of Gamestop's pie. Apparently Best Buy sweats them. You could also expand on that and assume (hopefully without making an ass out of anyone) that there will be sale racks for used games coming soon as well- that's pure speculation on my behalf but I don't doubt it at all.