Friday, October 29, 2010

Neverdead Brings the Oddball to Xbox and PS3

What is Neverdead?

It's a third person action game starring... Bryce Boltzman. I. Love. That. Name.

Anyway, the game looks pretty cool and feels like a DMC-ish romp with plentiful demon slaying and a slightly off kilter protagonist. Named Bryce Boltzman.

Screens and release after the break-

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed further details of its macabre action title, NeverDead, which will be released on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360.

The publisher has detailed the two protagonists at the heart of the game, which takes the form of an all-action 3D title set within a series of beautifully-realised stages. At the heart of the game is Bryce Boltzman, a renowned and immortal demon fighter. 500 years ago, Bryce failed to defeat a Demon King, where he lost all hope and passion for life. Since then, Bryce has lead a solitary life – until the formation of the NCDA.

The NCDA is the National Counter Demon Agency, and Bryce has been recruited to take on the demons that have again started to infiltrate the human world. It is here that he meets the mysterious Arcadia: a new agent reluctantly partnered with Bryce. While Bryce is a disinterested but an experienced demon fighter, Arcadia is cooler and professional. Together, they must fight against the hordes...

Meet Bryce... Boltzman


Actually, He Looks a Little Like Frank West

I Don't Think it Would Count as a Skirt if it was Any Shorter

Hey, Break a Leg! Nyuk, Nyuk-