Monday, September 17, 2012

Universal brings Halloween Horror home

One of the biggest Halloween events in the nation just got even bigger- how'd you like a phone call from the Legions of Evil?

Halloween Horror Nights is a very big deal at Universal Orlando. Like, BIG. It's one of the major draws for the park and is far and away in the top visited Halloween attractions in the country.

Now the studio is letting even those who can't make the trip experience a little bit of their own personal Halloween Horror with Halloween Horror Nights Phone Scares. The best part? There's no need to sign up for anything as long as you have a Facebook account and are a friend of the official Halloween Horror page.
Fans of the official Halloween Horror Nights Orlando page can send terrifying phone calls to friends to fully immerse them in this year’s event. Phone scares feature the bone-chilling haunted houses and street experiences that can only be found at Universal Orlando’s Hallowee Horror Nights, including options such as “Flesh-Eating Zombies,” “Inescapable Monsters” and “Legions of Evil.”
Ready to spread the fright? The official 'application' for the Phone Scares can be found right here.