Monday, September 24, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken Round 2- Mini-Fight!

The first series of DST's Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates are almost here (in stores this week) but series two is being worked on as we speak- set for launch just after the Holiday season.

Arriving at comic book stores and Toys r Us' in January 2013, series two of the little guys has a pretty blockbuster lineup featuring many of the staple characters from both fighting game series'.

And of course, if we're talking Minimates then we're talking retailer exclusives here's who you'll find in both Toys R Us shops as well as specialty stores.

Toys R Us (seen above)
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Hugo vs. Heihachi (exclusive)
Rolento vs. Kuma (exclusive)

Comic and specialty stores

Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Rufus vs. Julia (exclusive)
Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (exclusive)
So, what do you think? Who has the better assortment? Both cases have Ryu and Kazuya; but for Chun-Li, Kuma and others you're gonna have to make a few trips.

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