Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYCC: Hasbro Brings a Marvel-ous Tidal Wave

Hasbro continued to impress with it's upcoming offerings on both the 3.75" and the new (sort of) 6" lines.

According to a company rep, the toy giant has no plans on scaling back production on what's become an amazingly prolific series of three and three-quarter inch figures to focus on the re-vamped Marvel Legends line.

That basically means that you'll still be seeing the high level of new figures (single cards, two packs, and three packs) that you're used to dropping onto retail shelves during the year to come. But what you'll also see is the triumphant return of the 6 inchers with ML.

Comic 2 Packs

Three Packs

Single Carders new and old

The Avengres!

Ghost Rider- King of Hell

Classic Iron Man in 6"

Tony's Racecar