Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trials Evolution Playable at NYCC

The next entry in the popular arcade/puzzle/dirtbike racer, Trials will indeed be playable on the show floor at the New York Comic Con.

To celebrate this momentus event, developer RedLynx is putting the chart topping Trials HD on sale. From now until October 3rd, THD will cost you a mere 600mspts. That's like nothing!

Read on for the full release-

What do Mark Hamill, Kevin Smith, and Trials Evolution have in common? If you said “three things that have not been in my kitchen” you would be correct.

However you’d be a lot more correct if you said those are three things that will be at the New York Comic Convention. Beginning at 3:00 PM on Thursday, October 13th and running through the weekend of Sunday, October 16th, you will be able to play Trials Evolution hands-on in the Microsoft booth, with the very same build those lucky people at PAX got to play earlier this year.

No RedLynx staff will be on hand to laugh at your Spider-Man cosplay efforts, but feel free to hang around the Microsoft booth and talk about Trials Evolution with everyone who walks by.

Complete instructions on how to get there, where it is, what booth the game is in can be found on the New York Comic Con website.