Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project Triforce Impresses With Top Notch Props

One of the coolest company's we've ever encountered, Project Triforce is the maker of some of the finest videogame props on the market today.

Aside from the supremely awesome Chainsword (from Warhammer 40k Space Marine) that you see hanging to the right, they've also added 1:1 replica's of weaponry from Gears of War and Mass Effect to their arsenal.
One of my personal favorites, the Gears 2 Lancer even lights up with a cool blue glow. Perfectly representational of the gun used by Marcus Fenix as he sawed Locust and Lambent alike in two.

Check out for shots of all their latest. Word to the wise, if you want any of this stuff, pre-order it NOW. Everything they make is limited and to say 'it sells out fast' is an understatement.