Thursday, September 2, 2010

Xbox Snippits

Just some quick flickers here to update on a few things:

  • Dead Rising Case 0 is now available for 400mspts, which doesn't sound right. Seems like not enough gouging.
  • The Minerva's Den add on for Bioshock 2 is out on Live as well for 800mspts and features a brand new single player adventure in a brand new area of Rapture. Yes please.
  • The Xbox 360 control pad has been outed as a Transformer! The actual pad, which is the only bad thing about the controller in it's current state, will be replaced on the new model (which only comes in silver and only comes in a $70 play 'n' charge kit) with a pad that swivels and rises into a classic Nintendo-like 'plus'. One thing bothers me- why wasn't this the standard pack-in for the Xbox 360 s?
  • Microsoft is raising the subscription fees for Live. Here's a summary. I get why, everything goes up- I'm sure something related to running the service costs more now than it did in 2005 -but still. 
  • Speaking of Live, there's a rumor going around that there will be a Playstation Plus-like addition to the standard Live service next year that will run around $100 a year. If that happens, I would expect the standard 'gold' level to drop to $20/$25. It was once whispered that Live was going to drop fees all together but at this point I think that's a pipe dream.