Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GoG Returns After Not Being Gone

Maybe they should call it MaGog? (Read a book!!!)

Just in case anybody actually believed that classic game download site Good old Games had actually shut down, they're back. basically they just shut down the site (it's still down- there's a message for fans till tomorrow morning) so they could 'go gold'. For anyone who's never visited the site, it's actually been in a beta phase for it's entire two year life.

The 'going out for business' style stunt has angered quite a few GoG-ites though- hopefully they'll get over it. GoG is a great little service that I've used a couple times myself and I'd hate to see it suffer because of a little miscalculation in humor.

Let me give them a little plug- they'll have Baldur's Gate when they re-open. Good?