Friday, September 3, 2010

Duke Nukem Forever at PAX?!? Always bet on Duke-

joystiq is reporting just that the amazingly long awaited (and recently canceled) Duke Nukem Forever is at the Penny Arcade Expo game show- well, actually a former joystiq-er Dustin Burg is reporting that. There's also been a picture tweeted by 3D Realms (Duke's daddy's) head George Broussard of pigs flying- he said that's when duke forever would be released. Add to that mysterious pics of the Duke logo and swirling rumors of Gearbox taking over development and there's plenty of cause to get excited.

Please Gearbox, dear God please, as a big Duke fan- please surprise me! make the damn game!

Edit: Holy crap it's real 
Edit Again: EEEEEEEEEE! (that's me screaming like a schoolgirl)