Saturday, November 3, 2012

Letter from the Editor: Change of pace

Unless you really (really) haven't been paying attention, there hasn't been a post on TAS in a good long time now. Well, there's a reason- it's called Brutal Gamer.

The Spark has officially merged with BG and we'll be posting all the usual goodness that you'd find here, there. All the video game, comic book, and toy news you've come to expect from us will be there at Brutal Gamer, for your reading pleasure.

But that's not all for this site, not by a long shot. Even now, we're talking about some very cool things that are in the works for the ol'Spark.

Very soon you'll have some brand new things to do here that have never been available before. So stay tuned (and keep us bookmarked!), we hope you like what's coming down the pike!