Saturday, December 5, 2009


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With the holidays almost upon us, this week’s Sack it to Me has a little bit of everything for those who didn’t find their LBP goodies over the weekend shopping rush.
What’s New?
Are you ready for some team building?
This week we just released an update that includes the eagerly awaited “Online Create” mode, allowing you to create levels, objects and more with your online friends. Check out this update page on the NEW for all the info.
New on the PlayStation Store
We just updated the PlayStation Store with some great LBP items, including the coveted Assassin’s Creed II costume. Now you can scale walls and jump from rooftop to rooftop in style as “Ezio” Sackboy.

Sackboy Assassin's Creed II EzioAnd don’t forget to check out the limited-time release of the Festive Pack, Santa Gear and Santa Hat/Beard.
LBP Santa SuitLBP Santa Hat and BeardLBP festive pack

User Spotlight
We’ve heard some great “LittleBigStories” about LBP being a part of everyone’s lives – so much that we decided to create a few videos to document them. Take a peek at “Family Fun,” then let us know your own stories. We just might start telling your stories/videos in upcoming Sack it to Me posts!

For the Weekend…
If you want to hang out with us and possibly get your hands on some free swag (like these cool window clings, first come first served), come by to a participating SonyStyle and visit our PlayStation team tomorrow, December 5th between 2 – 5pm. Drop by, create something with us and have fun. PLUS, purchase any PlayStation gaming unit and receive two of ten select titles for FREE (up to $120 value) – give a game as a gift, keep one for yourself!
LBP window clippings 2 LBP window clippings

If you’re interested, check out this link to see if our LBP teams are at a SonyStyle location near you.
Looking for Sackboy goodies for the holidays?
Check out some of our officially licensed merchandise:
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