Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sony's new motion controller dubbed 'Move'- out this fall

*Here's the link for the press conference. Not embedding for some reason- sorry everybody.

The Move just seems like a re-tread of the Wiimote, complete with a nunchuck like 'sub-controller'. On the plus side, the Move seems to be a bit more advanced than the Wiimote but otherwise is very, very, similar.

There will be a stand alone unit offered as well as a bundle pack that includes the PS Eye and a game. The Eye is necessary to use the Move. If you have one already, you're set to go- if you don't, this is the pack for you. There will also be a system pack offered that includes everything mentioned above and, I imagine, will take the place of the sku's on the shelves now. Why sell PS3's without the Move? Makes no sense.

The bundle is going to retail for $99, which a little high since I doubt that a lot of PS3 owners have a PS eye to begin with and this will probably be the most popular of the offerings. I think the Move needed to come in at $50 max. It's just not interesting enough to clock in at that hundred buck price point with the first games looking as incredibly generic as they do- although it should be mentioned that Little Big Planet will incorporate Move controls as well