Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Windows 7 debuts

Number 7 has arrived! Well, not really, actually it's about three years away. They don't want to halt that unstoppable Vista machine. (Vista's really not that bad by the way, I just like piling on.)

Anyway, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer debuted the new OS last night. The hook? Multitouch, on a touchscreen. It wasn't running on surface, by the way, but on a Dell laptop.

Here comes the Apple did it first fanboys, I'm sure. The truth is, yes they did- BUT -multitouch and touch surfaces are the way of the future. That's about as plain and simple as I can put it. I guarantee that you'll start to see a switch from keyboard and monitor to pure touch surfaces in the next five years.

Evolution isn't just for nature anymore. Kudos to Apple for the innovation, kudos to everybody else for keeping the train rolling.

Read the whole sorted tale here.

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