Friday, May 9, 2008

Mr. Niko goes to San Andreas

Completely forgot to mention this!

There was a discovery made on the GTA forums that may shed some light on the DLC that soon (this fall) will be available over Xbox Live (exclusively).

What do you think of that?

It could be just another cool little easter egg for fans of the series- or it could be a whole state full of DLC! Joystiq had mentioned that you'd need a bigger hard drive for all that GTA goodness, but not so, says I.

If the DLC was spaced out to include one major city at a time, (were there three in SA?) that would make a pretty cool little series. maybe with one major overall story arch linking the three city destinations of San Andreas into one big west coast adventure for Niko.

Then again, how about this- The DLC is three completely seperate adventures. One leading Niko to San Andreas (one location there), one leading him to a modern day Vice City, and the final one taking him across the pond to London! That may be reaching a bit but you have to admit it'd be pretty slick.

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