Monday, December 12, 2011

IDW SHakes Things up With New Company Pres

IDW is one of the largest comic book publishers outside of the big two that you're going to find- and the company is only getting bigger.

For years, IDW has put out quality titles based on classic properties like GI Joe, The Transformers, and others; now with stable that also includes the likes of Star Trek, True Blood, and the novels of Anne Rice and George RR Martin- the company is ready for some new leadership. Enter Greg Goldstein.

Goldstien (the former COO) takes the reins from IDW co-founder Ted Adams as president- but don't get all weepy for Ted because Adams will still be around as CEO and maintain his publisher role. So that means he'll still very much be in the mix when it comes to his company. So why the shakeup? Easy- it's what Goldstein specifically brings to the table that makes him a good choice for that presidential office.

With a background in not only comics, but also sports cards and video games (with Activision and Acclaim), the man is a triple threat. It makes you wonder if IDW has designs on the lucrative gaming market, doesn't it?

They do hold a number of licenses that would make the transition to the interactive world fairly easily after all. Although there already is a terrific series of Transformers games, GI Joe has been sorely lacking some gaming love for pretty much it's entire history. That's strange when you think about it isn't it? One of the biggest toy/entertainment brands in the world, and all that's out there is a fossilized (and horrible) Atari 2600 game and an abysmal (noticing a trend?) movie adaptation.

Full Release:
IDW Publishing, an award-winning leader in graphic novel and book publishing, announced today that Chief Operating Officer Greg Goldstein has been promoted to the position of president in recognition of his successes in helping grow the company’s business and presence in the industry. IDW co-founder Ted Adams will continue to drive overall strategy in his role as chief executive officer and publisher.

“With Greg’s help, we’ve been able to expand both the front list and back list of IDW’s publishing program,” said Mr. Adams. “I am excited about what the future holds for the company with Greg as president.”

With more than 20 years experience in entertainment, sports and video game publishing, Mr. Goldstein as president will continue to help expand IDW’s business, while maintaining oversight of the company’s day-to-day operations. Mr. Goldstein joined IDW in 2008 as the company’s first COO.

“Helping bring IDW to new heights has been very rewarding, both personally and professionally, and I am honored to take on this new role,” said Mr. Goldstein. “Each year at IDW has been better than the last, and I know we will continue that trend for many years to come, through our strategic expansion into new and growing categories, while increasing our core business of print and digital comics and books.”

As a company, IDW has grown impressively in recent years, expanding both its comics and book catalogs, and continuing its leadership in the digital space. Mr. Goldstein’s increased responsibility as president is part of the company’s strategy to explore potential acquisitions for growth.

“IDW has grown during each of the twelve years we’ve been in business to become one of the most successful publishers in the industry,” added Mr. Adams. “To further our success as a company, we are exploring new markets and potential acquisitions, and Greg’s role as president will allow me more time to focus on these avenues of expansion, while we continue to elevate our publishing program.”

The 2011 Eisner Award winner for Best Archival Collection/Project - Strips, Mr. Goldstein is a veteran transmedia entertainment executive with extensive experience in the publishing, interactive, and collectible categories, and tenures at Topps, Activision and Acclaim. A lifelong comics fan, Mr. Goldstein celebrated his 40th year of collecting last month, having attended his first comic book convention as a youngster in November 1971.

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