Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drunk Facebooking is Preventable

Don't let it happen to you! Don't be another statistic!

Developer Webroot has a little something ready to follow up it's successful Social Media Sobriety Test. They'd like to remind you that "nothing good happens online after 1am.

Yes- that's right, don't get caught with your pants down at this year's Christmas shindig with the Holiday Party Sobriety App. This little beauty is a free download for both Android and iOS (sorry Windows Phone) and just may save you from... yourself.

Just in time for holiday parties and those rollicking New Year’s Eve celebrations, advertising and design agency TDA Boulder has teamed with Internet security company Webroot to take the company’s tongue-in-cheek “bad idea protector” mobile. In a fresh take on the Social Media Sobriety Test, the marketing campaign features mobile apps and a holiday-themed website designed to make you think twice before tweeting, posting or following through on any poor decision you might make after a little too much holiday cheer.  New this year, the mobile Holiday Party Sobriety Test apps take people through a number of coordination and cognition tests on their smartphones or tabs (compatible with iOS 5 and Android devices).  If your scores are low, the app will advise you to think twice before your next move and serve you up search results for a nearby cab company based on your phone’s geo-location capabilities.  The apps are available for free download now at www.webroot.com/sobrietytest.
Revelers that are still tempted to post that tacky photo can turn to The Webroot Social Media Sobriety Test.  Introduced last year, it is a browser plug-in that helps prevent “under-the-influence” posting on sites including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Tumblr, as well as custom URLs (like blogs) and/or web-based email accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail.  Users can customize which sites they wish to block and at which hours of the day or night are the most personally vulnerable.  For access to their social media, users must pass one of a variety of randomly selected sobriety tests such as “drag your mouse in a straight line,” “type the alphabet backwards,” or “follow the finger.”  Browser compatibility includes Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. 
 “We’re working with Webroot to offer this as a humorous reminder to anyone who’s likely to enjoy beer, wine or spirits this holiday season but wants to avoid the over-sharing that can occur when he’s had one too many,” says Jonathan Schoenberg, Creative Director at TDA_Boulder, commenting about the Sobriety Tests.  “It’s a whole new world with Androids, iPhones, Facebook and Twitter, as many have learned to their peril.  The consequences of a stupid tweet or an ill-advised photo can be instantaneously spread around the globe. It’s our hope the Sobriety Tests will come to the aid of all who are in need of its protection.  Because we know nothing good happens online after 1 am.”
For more information, interested consumers can visit www.webroot.com/sobrietytest.  Remember, the stupidity you avoid this holiday season could be your own.  Available now for Android and iPhones devices.