Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hyundai Stuns with 8-Bit Flavored 3D Art

Okay, so technically, this is an advertisement. But it's a freakin awesome advertisement filled with holographic, 3D modeled nods to some of the most awesome '80s era videogames of all time

Full release with lots of info on the group who set all this up:
The installation utilized Pearl Media’s proprietary 3D architectural mapping technology to project a montage of 8-bit gaming graphics onto the façade of the Tides Hotel. Choreographed to a brand new song called "fzzt&furiouz" by popular 8-bit genre band, Anamanaguchi, the 3D 8-bit images interacted with elements of and were projected off of the Tides’ architecture. The entire process combined state-of-the-art, high-powered projectors, lighting, sound, shadows and animation to offer consumers a never-before-seen look at a unique 8-bit masterpiece, all without the use of 3D stereoscopic glasses. The installation was seen by thousands of art enthusiasts and now lives on via viral video.
“This 3D outdoor art experience gave Hyundai the opportunity to combine music and technology – two cornerstone features of the Veloster – with art. This experience entertained those that attended Art Basel, while also having an online presence as well,” said Steve Shannon, Vice President of Marketing at Hyundai Motor America.
“Art Basel is known for breaking the mold and embracing the new, making it the ideal place to showcase this unique, revolutionary 3D technology art on Ocean Drive,” said Josh Cohen, President and CEO of Pearl Media. “With such an artistic audience, we think the creative 8-bit graphics of the 3D installation blended with the incredible features of Miami Beach’s Tides Hotel truly captivated passers-by.”