Friday, August 13, 2010

Call of Duty Gets Hardened and Prestige Yet Again

Xbox 360 version shown
 The newest game in the long running series will be getting the dual special edition treatment just like Modern Warfare did with both 'Hardened' and 'Prestige' editions.

The Hardened version will include a Black Ops 'Medal' (just for you!), a Black Ops Avatar outfit, and 4 maps for 'the multiplay'.

The Prestige edition has all that plus *ahem* a remote control surveillance rover that transmits color video and sound up to 200 feet. The night vision goggles with MW2 were cool but this is just plain old awesome.

Special editions continue to get carried away with themselves- and I loves it.

No pricing yet on these but you can expect them to drop on launch day, November 9th. For every console... known to man!