Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4 Line Update

So I think it's probably safe to assume that everybody knows that the iPhone 4 released today at Apple, Best Buy, Radio Shack and AT&T.

I thought you might enjoy, in case you're planning a trip after work, a little update on the whole lineup/availability issue. To that end, how about some bullets?
  • Best Buy- this actually would have been my first choice because of the Reward Zone points potential from the purchase of the iPhone. With that said- has no availability listed for either online or in store. Yeah...
  • Radio Shack- Wouldn't really bother. At this point, the likelihood of 'The Shack' having any iPhones for you're non-preordering butt would be just that much better than me typing this from a starship that runs on clouds orbiting Jupiter.
  • AT&T- If you pre-ordered, you might still get one. They are on first come basis though, and I was told (on the sly) by an employee that Apple wasn't sending nearly enough phones to cover all of the orders that they had for at least a week. If you didn't pre-order? No. That's it- just no.
  • Apple- From what I hear, if you reserved one for the 24th, you're golden. You have until the end of business today to go get it, I should add to that that the line for reserves is moving along at a pretty good clip. If you're going in cold- you still have a chance. This is Apple after all- there might be enough stock on hand, there might not. You're best bet is to call your fave Apple shop and ask, you'll have to hang on a bit because hold times are loooooooong right now, but it's worth it to potentially save a trip.