Thursday, April 22, 2010

PS3 3.30 system update brings along some 3D prep

Sony is preparing the PS3 for 3D gaming on it's Bravia 3D line of LCD's that will be launching later this year. This firmware update lays some more groundwork for that. We also get enhanced Trophy support for all of our bragging needs.

3D is such a great idea for gaming that it's hard not to get excited about it. There are two issues that I have though. The first is that you have to go out and pick up a new TV. That effectively kills the install base for a while, which is really a shame because it most likely means that the technology won't really get off the ground for a few years.

The other problem I have with it is the glasses. Nobody wants to wear a special set of glasses for 3D viewing. They're annoying, uncomfortable and expensive to purchase separately. Which is what you have to do if you have anyone over to play/watch. The upcoming Nintendo 3DS' tech seems to have it right, at least on paper, and I don't doubt (if the effect really works well) that we'll see it come to larger size screens.

But personally, I'll wait to see where the 3D craze goes in general before I upgrade my set- and you should too.

Details of the firmware update after the break...

Hi everyone, in our continued effort to provide the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible, we’ll be adding a few new features to PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the latest system software update, which is a mandatory update and will be available shortly. Most notably, you’ll see some new sorting options within Trophies that make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends on PlayStation Network.
  • Trophy enhancements –- Now you can more easily sort trophies in the [Trophy Collection] and [Comparing Trophy] sections. Sorting can be done with [Trophy Collection] in the [Game Category] and also when comparing trophies with your friends in the [Friend Category]

    • Trophy Folder (Title List) can be sorted by game name/ by title according to the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Add-on list (Group list) can be sorted by original/the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Trophy list can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of obtaining the trophy (ascending/descending)
In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D BRAVIA TVs.