Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sony E3 Press Briefing

Sony's E3 briefing was a little bit compromised by the plethora of press leaks that led up to it. They didn't have too many surprises as a result, still- they did have a couple of things up their collective sleeves.

5) PSP exclusive games

Sony showed off an all new Resident Evil, Metal Gear Peacewalker (sequel to the PS2's MGS3), Soul Calibur, and a really impressive looking Little Big Planet port. Their PSP lineup was supposed to get a shot in the arm this year. So far it's been a letdown but these games are a great step in the right direction- good stuff all around.

4) PS3 Exclusive games

Uncharted 2 looks absolutely fantastic, Final Fantasy 14 was teased and a montage was shown with a bunch of mostly non-exclusive games in it. Overall I wasn't impressed with the PS3 stuff (outside of Uncharted 2 and #3 on this list that is). It looks to me like Sony pushed out most of their exclusives for holiday '08 and for '09. There's just not that much left to show. MAG looked very forgettable.

3) God of War 3

The game looks great but there's not much I can really say about it. I should say that I'm not much of a fan in the first place and this looks to be exactly the same as the PS2/PSP versions -- but with incredible graphics of course. That's probably the reason that I'll pick it up when it comes out in March '10. Just to see the great look that it has.

My feelings aside though, if you like GoW and you haven't picked up a PS3 yet- well -I think you're gonna want to ASAP.

2) PSP Go

Just like it was leaked out to the press a few days ago- the PSP Go did make it's debut. It's smaller, sleeker, lighter (40% lighter than the PSP 1000!!), and has no UMD port. The PSP Go will be all download. It remains to be seen if this kind of thing is really going to take off with the gaming community at large, I myself am a fan of physical media. I like to actually have the disc, or UMD as the case may be. I think that's probably why Sony is going to be very cautious about all of this - all PSP games will still ship on UMD's, but they'll also be available for download on the same day. That way no one gets burned. The good old PSP 3000 will still be for sale as well. Smart moves in my book.

1) The 'PS3 Motion Controller'

Let me start by saying that this would have impressed me a whole lot more if I never saw Natal in action. I promise that that's the last thing I'll say about it.


The PS3MC (I don't know what the hell to call it!) is a wand that works in conjunction with the PS Eye. Presumably you'll need the Eye to use the wand, maybe a bundle? It has a really cool feature that shows you on the TV with CGI weapons or sporting goods in hand in place of the wand. It looks a little dopey right now but the tech really isn't finished yet. It was a good move for Sony to at least give us all a hint of what's to come rather than just not showing anything. It's cool, it's new- it's got a long way to go yet.

This was a good briefing for Sony. They showed off a lot of new stuff, some that was a surprise some that wasn't. I would've really liked to have seen more in the way of PS3 exclusive stuff. That worries me a bit.

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