Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Quick Notes About What I'm Playing Right Now...

Ghostbusters really is like an 'interactive movie'. I just turned everybody off with that statement but it's true. Don't worry, you do actually play the game, it's not a bunch of FMV, I just mean that the writing and pacing is really good- I'm not sure if there's going to be very much replay value in it but the ride is pretty fun right now!

[prototype] is awesome. Don't believe the anti-hype, the game is really good. I'm not put off at all by the graphics (where are they supposed to be bad again?), and while there is some pop-up when you're up high above the streets- it's really not that bad. Better than inFamous? Could be... Definitely a lot more action.

Red Faction Guerilla is a really surprising title. Surprising in that it's really good. I remember the older ones for the PS2 and was a little put off by the switch to a third-person view. If you're wary about it as well, don't be. Volition did a great job here and cranked out what I think it the best in the series. I had heard it mentioned that the destructible environment was not just a tack on gimmick and was actually a game mechanic that worked well and added a lot. That's 100% correct. Try it.

Transformers 2 is in many ways a 'movie game'. There's an arcadey feel here that just doesn't jive with the majority of 'A+' games on the market today. That being said, if you're a Transformers fan you'll probably find something to like (unlockable G1 episodes!), definitely a rental if you're anyone else.

The Conduit is... um... Dammit I really wanted to like this game. I guess I do. It's just that, well, the graphics aren't really that good at all. Also the narration could've used a little more TLC. I can't get used to that control scheme either, would it have been such a problem to offer the classic pad as a UI for those of us who just want to plunk down on the couch and not swing our arms around!?! People don't believe me when I tell them that I prefer dual sticks to Wii-type and mouse & keyboard controls in FPS's but it's the truth. I play so many of them on consoles now that I've gotten used to it. Oh well, I still like the Conduit. Mainly because of all the conspiracy stuff but still.

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