Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nintendo Press Briefing

Okay, remember last year when Ninty didn't really show that much and really got lit up by the fans and the press for being too blah about feeling the need to impress? Remember how it seemed that they didn't really care about the show that much and just rested on their already sizable laurels?

Not that much has changed.

5) DS games

There are quite a few good looking DS games coming up from Nintendo. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Story, a new Golden Sun (Yay!), the return of Link in a new Zelda adventure, and others really show that Nintendo has the perfect stratagy for DS gaming.

4) DSi downloadable games

Now you're talking. The anemic DSi shop is about to get a much needed boost in the form of Mario vs Donkey Kong as a download only game. It's more March of the Mini's stuff, it looks great and includes a level editor (!) AND it'll be out next week!


3) New Super Mario Bros. Wii & Super Mario Galaxy 2

It's really unclear if NSMBW is a straight port of the DS game or a new installment based off of it. The one thing that is clear is that it allows for four player simultaneous co-op play. SMG2 is a little clearer still, the sequel to the original smash hit, Galaxy 2 takes the last game and adds more of the same, which is in no way a bad thing.

2) Team Ninja Metroid

In a very surprising move, Nintendo has allied with Ninja Gaiden creators Team Ninja to develope an all new, all different Metroid. Called Metroid: Other M, it looks awesome, like a cross between 3D and the old school 2D titles. Almost like God of War- but better.

Very excited about this one.

1) More 'Whaa?' peripherals

I really don't know what they're thinkig with these things. Reggie Fils-Aime showed off the Motion Plus for the second straight show. It still looks exceptionally 'meh', and now theres really no comparison to the Natal from Microsoft. Soooo much more interesting than the little better motion tracking that the MP offers.

More 'Whaa?' came in the form of a long winded speech from CEO Satoru Iwata. He lectures the audience about the philosophy of Nintendo -- which no one really needed to hear -- then he showed off the Wii 'Vitality Sensor' which, well honestly, I'm not sure what the hell it does. Apparently it's supposed to help you relax. Just what you want from a video game company.

Maybe just stick to the games for the next E3, huh Nintendo?

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