Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jawbone's Jambox 2.1 Update Released

Fan of the Jambox by Jawbone? The little bluetooth boombox that could already provides for an awesome sound experience, but now it just got a lil' bit better.

Update 2.1 is now live for MyTalk users and it provides for some pretty cool upgrades to the system. Although it isn't all that beefy, 2.1 provides a few new bells and whistles including an enhanced sound clarity feature that controls distortion and a LiveAudio option that, when switched on, will simulate live listening.

Full release with all the new stuff (but that is kind of all there is) post jump-

After syncing the JAMBOX 2.1 update, you will be able to control the sound of JAMBOX with a few options:   

* Original JAMBOX: After the update, JAMBOX settings are configured to give you the same sound that JAMBOX originally shipped with from the factory.

* Sound Clarity: You can also enjoy a clearer, distortion-free sound when LiveAudio is OFF by turning Sound Clarity ON. When Sound Clarity is ON, the software uses an audio tuning algorithm that cleans up distortion at high volume levels. Sound Clarity is OFF by default - to turn it on, go to Advanced Settings in MyTALK and set "Sound Clarity" ON.

* LiveAudio: You can turn LiveAudio ON to enjoy a personal immersive experience with unprecedented acoustic and spatial detail. You can also toggle LiveAudio ON/ OFF by pressing and holding the '+' and '-' buttons at the same time.

For more information about LiveAudio, please visit