Friday, January 8, 2010

Razer branches out to Xbox 360

Famed (?) peripheral maker Razer has hopped on the console train and will begin producing controllers and accessories for the 360. When exactly these will be out and how much they'll cost remain a mystery at this point. I would bet on 'fall' and 'a ton'.

More here or pics after the break.

The Razer Onza professional gaming controller, made exclusively for console gaming, brings a new dimension to video gameplay by adding features tailored specifically to the gamers need to be as versatile as possible.
Putting two multi-function buttons (MFB) at your fingertips and featuring adjustable tension on the analog sticks, the Razer Onza lets every gamer modify the controller to work exactly how they need it while putting comfort at the heart of every detail.
Created to be the ultimate controller for every game you play, the Razer Onza is designed to be as versatile as possible, making the choice of which controller to use a no-brainer.
With a 15 foot super long light weight braided cable and a gold plated USB connector the Razer Onza guarantees tournament grade lag free gameplay and will always have you connected to the game in the most crucial moments.

Made exclusively for console gaming, the Razer Chimaera brings you the complete package of gaming audio and communication.
The headset is designed building on our extensive expertise from PC gaming to provide pinpoint positional sound quality that lifts the gaming experience to tournament grade with crisp, positional sound from a 5.1 Channel surround sound system.
For all your team action with your best buds against your closest competitors, the Razer Chimaera is equipped with a base station that allows a Dasiy-Chain link to connect your teammates to a direct private communication channel.

I think I want that 'Onza'. Oooh that's nice...