Saturday, January 2, 2010

Numerous Duke Nukem games in developement

Ahhh, what's better on a bright new day in a bright new year than a nice whiff of vaporware?

This story was actually run by Edge magazine online a little while ago but for some reason I missed it. Now, I'm a pretty big fan of the Duke- and don't get me wrong here, I'd love to see a new game since the debacle of 'Duke Forever', but I don't really have a lot of hope here.

I won't rehash the Edge piece, but the gist of it is that there are multiple Duke projects out there right now and that all of them are unannounced. The gentleman being interviewed, Scott Miller, seems to emphasize 'casual gaming' as one of the areas that Duke will be appearing in. Casual games are not what I think of when I hear the name of one of the more outrageous and over-the-top shooters of all time. Casting the uber-macho Duke in a casual gaming environment, presumably one that is crafted to cater to the mass gaming (and non-gaming) community, just doesn't seem like a very good idea.