Friday, November 20, 2009

Splinter Cell Conviction : Special Ed


Here's a preview of the set and what you'll get aside from the game:

Custom USB Drive
This credit card–sized 3rd Echelon USB drive can stealthily fit in your wallet, is compatible with Xbox 360, and is loaded to the max with exclusive content you won't find anywhere else, including:
  • Full-length "Making of Splinter Cell Conviction" video
  • Wallpaper
  • Concept art
  • Renders
  • Screenshots
  • Storyboards
  • And more …
Fifth Freedom: The Art Of Splinter Cell Book
Relive the best of Splinter Cell from past to present. This comprehensive hard-bound art book by Prima™ includes detailed art from the original Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, Double Agent, and Conviction, as well as in-depth commentary and notes from the developers.
Exclusive In-Game Items
Gain first access to the MP5-SD3, a lethal close-quarters submachine gun with an integrated suppressor. Customize your multiplayer character with an exclusive 3rd Echelon outfit.
Collectible Decals
Available only in the Collector's Edition are two unique Xbox 360 decal stickers:
  • 3rd Echelon Logo Decal
  • Iconic Bullet Hole Decal
Digging In The Ashes Comic Book
Watch the sequence of events preceding Splinter Cell Conviction unfold before your eyes in this one-of-a-kind digital Splinter Cell comic book.
Steelbook DVP Case
The game is packaged in a premium metallic steel case with iconic imagery.

Worth it for the USB drive alone? You decide!!!

The SE of Splinter Cell will be available only on the Xbox 360. It will drop on February 23rd 2010 and cost you $79.99 - not all that bad for a collector's.

Cannot wait for this one. Good God, Bioshock 2 and Sam Fisher in the same month?!?