Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Natal priced and dated?

Big story going around today is that the much anticipated Project Natal camera and motion detection system for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft has had it's deets leaked. Hate when that happens...

From the reports, it looks as though Natal (still officially unnamed) will bust out in one year, November 2010, and will cost $80 or less. Possibly as low as $50.00- it will also launch with 14 games behind it. I assume one of those has to be Halo: Reach.

MS is really treating this as a console launch, which is something I wasn't expecting since I've long held the thought that the 360 (as welll as the PS3) won't see anywhere near the 10 year estimates for this console cycle. Makes you wonder.

Also, at those prices (might one be a bundle?) this is pretty much a must buy for any 360 owner looking for a new experience, even someone like me who hates motion controls.

Of course this is all rumor at this point. *ahem*