Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Flickers

Here's a few little pieces of news for today:

  • Microsoft has pretty much removed the 150MB limit on Xbox Live Arcade games, games can now be a full 2Gigs (the limit of the system) -- Edge

  • Splinter Cell Conviction will debut on February 23, 2010. Q1 is getting pretty big for it's britches isn't it?

  • Xbox Live has rolled out a mandatory update that preps the console for the debut of Twitter, Last.FM and Facebook. The update itself doesn't do anything tangible to your Live experience yet. 

  • On the fence about a new PSPGo? Dell has your back! Whaaaa? Yep, Dell. They've got a pretty sweet deal that'll net you a PSPGo for $212 instead of the usual $249 by using the coupon code on Cheap College Gamers. Nice!