Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Nintendo Download -- 8/18/2011

Nintendo continues to underwhelm with it's weekly 3DS downloads as the eShop welcomes Urban Champion 3D this week. UC, originally a NES game, has been given a 3D makeover in the spirit of Excitebike and Xevious. The only difference being that, while you probably remember those titles, you more than likely have only vague recollections of Urban Champ.

So it's new to you! Anybody remember that slogan? Ugh... read on for the full update-

Nintendo Video
  • Jason Derulo -- It Girl (Music Video)
  • Duel
Nintendo eShop

3D Classics
  • Urban Champion
  • Zoonies- Escape from Makatu
  • Build-a-Lot
  • Blockado - Puzzle Island
  • Flight Control