Thursday, June 2, 2011

Duke Nukem Critical Mass Now Available

Deep Silver and Apogee Software's Critical Mass for the Nintendo DS has had a bit of a rocky time fighting it's way to retail shelves. At one point, the portable Duke-fest even lost it's star and was going to be a generic third-person shooter.

But, try as folks might, you just can't keep Duke down, so we're getting a a generic third-person shooter with Duke Nukem in it. Yay?

Release post jump-

Apogee Software today announced their handheld adventure Duke Nukem: Critical Mass™ featuring the notorious, world-saving action hero Duke Nukem, is now available for Nintendo DS™ at North American Retailers.

Duke is sent into the future; a future of total chaos and disaster where humankind has been nearly wiped out, all the babes have been captured and enslaved, and aliens rule with an iron fist; a world in trouble with horrendous monsters, alien pig cops, ridiculously oversized bosses and, of course, beautiful, scantily-clad babes galore – this game has all the ingredients a serious Duke Nukem fan needs.

Join Duke on his one-man mission to obliterate the aliens, save the babes, and repopulate the planet: “Don’t worry ladies, there’s plenty of Duke to go around!”

With a total of seven different game-play modes, including two user activated modes, three difficulty settings, two player co-op, fifteen meat-grinding weapons, nine huge locations with over thirty exciting levels, nine monstrous bosses, and of course…BABES, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is overflowing with loads of entertainment, leaving only one question: “Who wants some?”

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is now available at retailers across North America for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.