Friday, May 8, 2009

Contra Rebirth

There are some franchises that just need to stay in the second dimension.

Anybody who remembers action gaming on the NES & SNES (or Genesis for that matter) knows the name 'Contra'. The recent (and excellent) Contra 4 on the DS was a great continuation of a 2D series that stumbled and fell flat on it's face into the world of 3D. But now it looks like we're going to be treated to a second modern 2D iteration of the classic blast-a-thon. has reported that Konami's Japanese website has a bit about a WiiWare version of Contra called 'Contra Rebirth'.

It's not really clear at present if this is a new game or a remake of one of the previous games in the series. Whatever it may be, it's really awesome that companies are producing 'SF2HD-style' remakes of their back catalogs. First Street Fighter and Bionic Commando, then Turtles in Time, now Contra- keep 'em coming! (and preferably to all the networks)

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