Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Job Loss Report

This is something new that I'll be doing every week (well, every Wednesday). I'll give you a rundown of some of the more significant job cuts of the past week from all the big tech companies.

You know, in a effort to make you all feel better that you still have jobs. Unless you're in the tech industry. In that case, hang on to your underpants-

  • Ericsson (of Sony/Ericsson fame) will be dropping 5000+ jobs any day now. Engadget is reporting that they are blaming Sony for not supporting the brand. It's not like Sony has other problems. Nothing like-
  • Sony still has the specter of that threatened 16,000 employee cut hovering over it. Some have already been eliminated from the payroll but how many more will follow?
  • Intel will be closing down one of its plants in the Philippines. This is one to watch. A big chip maker like Intel closing down assembly plants might speak volumes about the industry as a whole if it continues.
  • Sega has sliced thirty from its roster. I have no idea what percentage that is but it is sizable. They haven't had a big hit in a while- even Valkyria Chronicles which was a big release, and critical favorite, wasn't a big seller.

EDIT: This is gonna be the first and last post of losses. Forget the updates- too damn depressing.

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