Monday, February 25, 2008

Sony's BIG Plans

There was an unusual glut of Sony news lately as Phil Harrison, longtime head of SCEA, will be stepping down in favor of Kaz Hirai. This is particularly thrilling news to bloggers and press members everywhere as Kaz is a bit of a looney toon. Should be fun things coming out of his mouth any second now. At least it's not as boring as Microsoft's Don Mattrick who took over for the departing Peter Moore. Now that was a step down.

The other bit about the big 'S' is that there's an apparent super secret title in development for a 2009 release. What are the deets? Who knows, the whole thing's shrouded in in mystery. The only outlet to see some of the project was the BBC. Which may tell us a bit about the validity of the project. (Why would you pick the BBC for an exclusive sneak? Because chances are they wouldn't be too critical.)

In any event, the news outlet has been spurting out all manner of hyperbole such as stating that the unannounced title will be a "shifting point in what game consoles are capable of in terms of story telling and immersion." That's quite a statement. Doubtful too. But I'll reserve judgement till I see it in action. After all, Sony did do right by all of us with Killzone 2 right?

Wow, it's strange to see that name in print after the game itself has apparently passed into the realm of Oblivion. Seriously though... where the hell is Killzone 2?!?

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